The ubiquitous Carolina Chickadee lets me take a few snaps in front of probably the best bokeh I've had in years.

Your hair is winter fire, January Embers. My heart burns there too. Forever Beverly Marsh

The Common Grackle looks rather dark- almost crow- like, in the first glance. Get the adult male out in the open and you will be amazed at the array of colors on his feathers.

The Matriarch : a female Northern Cardinal sits perched, with her head held high.  

A chipping sparrow in a pensively curious mood, Cary NC

I have followed this belted kingfisher for weeks and weeks, trying to create a frame with him, but he has always kept his distance. I was stalking a heron when he flew in without noticing me and sat on this perch, the sun setting his funky hairdo on fire. A few seconds later, a jogger came by and scared him off. 

I will never tire of shooting these gorgeous birds, and when I get some lovely fall colors in the background, I could shoot them all day!

The Anna's hummingbird in a pensive mood - near San Francisco, CA

The hardy red tailed hawk shows off its red tail as it soars against the hills along the California coast.

The female cardinal again, popping against the resplendent greens of the early summer in Cary, NC

A tiny downy's woodpecker sits contemplating the harsh winter, in Princeton, NC

A tufted titmouse perched outside my balcony in Cary, NC

He went that-a-way

A female rubythroated hummingbird takes a breather from hunting for honey.

A willet lifts off from a beach near San Francisco, CA

A juvenile American goldfinch sits perched on a branch outside my balcony, in Cary, NC. 

A gorgeous black phoebe sits perched near Cupertino, California. 

A black oystercatcher heads out, from near the 17 mile drive in California

Bleep off!

A barn swallow seems to be a in crabby mood as it yells at its partner in Gilroy, CA

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