A plain prinia stretches to the left to check out some movement in a clump of bushes, in Mysore 

The green bee eater is called "fence-parrot" in my native tongue. For someone that is green and sits on fences most of the time, this name's a no-brainer.

A common kingfisher coils to spring, Mysore, India

The Hermit: The Hoopoe sits meditating on the intricacies of life. 

A common kingfisher with a catch too big for himself. After a couple of minutes of struggle to swallow the fish, the kingfisher finally had to let it go.

Spotted this peacock, perched high and enjoying the rain in the Western Ghats, Kerala

Who goes there? 

A pond heron peeps out hearing our car stop along the edge of the paddyfield outside Mysore

It was an uncommon sight to see a spot billed duck perched on a tree trunk. I decided I would rather take a few shots than complain. 

The rose-ringed parakeet female practices some early morning Yoga

Drenched in gold

A blue tailed bee eater sits in the golden light, on a cold winter morning in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Garuda's thirst

The Brahmini Kite is called Garuda, who is the steed of the Hindu god, lord Vishnu. This gorgeous bird was trying to quench its thirst from a lake as we paddled by. 

A tern (possibly whiskered), watches our boat float past.

The always elegant Indian Darter graciously allows me some mugshots.

The dry grass in Koonthakulam, India forms the perfect background for this striking alpha peacock.

The bliss of scratching that itch...

This lesser sand plover indulges in that noblest of deeds, scratching an itch.

A common kingfisher from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

A blue-tailed bee-eater tosses its catch before swallowing.

A gray plover lands near Alleppey, Kerala.

A scaly-breasted munia from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

An egret flies noiselessly in the morning sunshine

Probably the most ubiquitous bird of Trivandrum after the crows, is the white throated kingfisher

A flock of bar-headed geese take off from Koonthakulam, Tamil Nadu

A pair of spot-billed ducks from Mysore, Karnataka

A yellow-billed blue magpie from Himachal Pradesh

Rufous treepies are more often heard than seen. 

A common kingfisher meditates early in the morning

A purple sunbird female drinks its fill

The handsome Shikra 

A female pied bush chat meditates on the meaning of life

A gorgeous scaly-breasted munia from Mysore, Karnataka

A juvenile brahmini kite leaves its perch

A gorgeous river tern from Ranganathittu, Mysore

The simpleton looks of an Indian Cormorant

A plain prinia spreads its wings

I wil never tire of shooting scaly-breasted munias

A bar-tailed siva from the Himalayas

The crescent of grace- A montage's harrier banks in flight

A pink browed finch, from Madhmaheshwar, Uttarakhand.

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