Shub Niggurath

Shub Niggurath is a diety in the Cthulhu mythos by HP Lovecraft. The fall had transformed this tree, which I would have passed a hundred times without giving a second glance, into a majestic sight.

Drenched in Gold

Most weekends when I lived in Raleigh, I would go on a stroll to Durant Nature Preserve, an island of green around a pair of lakes, at the edge of the city. On days when there are no birds, something like this orb weaver is bound to catch my attention. On this day, the lovely evening created the drama needed in a frame. 

No Excuses
The alarm rings. The cozy blanket is a haven you don't want to leave. But you must get up. It is winter. It is still dark out there. The frost bites you as you step out. 
No matter what , no excuses.

Sparrow in the snowstorm

A chipping sparrow sits contemplating the day's agenda, as snow falls. Raleigh , winter '16

Rise and Shine

Mysteries in the Mist


A hummingbird flutters over a lake, California Spring '14

Morning Gossip'

I have spent a lot of my formative years as a photographer in Mysore, India. Every weekend, I would take my camera and wander into one of the trails around the numerous lakes in the city. One such morning, I noticed these barn swallows perched on a dry branch, waiting for the sun to warm the air enough. 

This Bud's Mine

A seemingly possessive bumblebee hugs tight a lotus bud. Trivandrum, India, winter '13

Faith Amidst Grain

A gorgeous little temple stands in the midst of paddy fields in Kerala, India. 

May I Come In?

A kitten seems to be beseeching to be let into my home, Thiruvananthapuram, India , Summer '13


Mornings like these are what photographers live for. Trivandrum, Kerala, Winter '11


As we climbed to the highest point in our Great Himalayan National park trek, we spotted these inch tall stalks with these gorgeous pink flowers, which we later learned were Himalayan primroses. Amids the frost and the dried up grass, these delicate flowers painted an understated picture of hardiness. 

The Orator

A Malabar Starling seems to be giving his friend a lecture. 

The Tiny Jewel

Hoverflies are stunning creatures and it is always a joy to spot one of them perched. Found this one in the Arippa reserve forest near Trivandrum, India, Summer '12

Soaring Once Again

The Indian Vulture was once endangered due to the use of diclofenac for cattle. Dying cattle were fed diclofenac to ease their spasms, and when they die they are left to be eaten by scavengers. Vultures who fed on the meat would die shortly of renal failure. A ban on diclofenac on animals has helped arrest the slide, but still there's a lot to be done to help these regal creatures. Ramanagaram near Bangalore remains one of the last refuge of these handsome birds. 'Spring '11

Drink Your Fill

The female of a purple sunbird dips its beak into the tube of a flower, Mysore , India


A giant wood spider paints a creepy picture in the misty woods of Dandeli, India, Fall '11

He Who Makes the Mountains Reverberate

The Great Hornbill is called "Mala Muzhakki" in Malayalam: Meaning, the one who makes the mountains reverberate with his call. The bird's casque causes its booming call that inspired the name. Idukki, India 

The Crescent of Grace

Montague's harrier visits the south of India during winter. Spotting one itself is exhilarating, and eye contact with a raptor gives you a rush of blood all the time. A Montague's Harrier stares at me while banking. Mysore, India Winter '11


Peepul or Ficus Religious is a tree that has high stature in Hinduism. The leaves are gorgeously heart shaped, and the new leaves are a brilliant pink/red. 

Uncle, asleep?

A palm squirrel shows uncharacteristic bravado knowing that the spotted owlet doesn't hunt in broad daylight. Mysore, India 'Spring '10

The Gorilla's Kiss

Most of my friends tell me that this is the one image that they would remember me with. An Indian Robin is perched on a rock in Kunti Betta, near Mysore, India. The silhouette makes the rock look like a Gorilla's face. 

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