"And the valleys shrouded themselves in the blanket of clouds, every bearing is deep in slumber"- Gulzaar

Marooned- This fishing boat had run aground near home in Trivandrum. Despite multiple efforts by the owner and several parties, the boat remained unmoved. Finally when they managed to get it into water, its bottom caved away and it sank a few hundred yards away from the shore. 

Everything converges, given enough time and space

Plant more trees. There's nothing more beautiful.


The wife often picks up something very photogenic. 

The Phantom of the Arctic

An arctic fox, spotted in the Ashboro zoo


A squirrel, spotted in the coast of California

That cat from sin city


It spreads with ease, branching out, creating its own versions of truth. 

Enter the dragon

A web of jewels


A whiskered tern gives me a moment of eye contact as it flies in


Melancholy rising

The mist gently rises from below the hills, and shrouds us in mystery. There is a sense of loss, that this moment is going to be gone, never to come back again. 

Folds of the flower

Who dun it? 

A Hoopoe paints a picture of intrigue at Kunti Betta, near Mysore, India

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