Hello !
I am Sandeep Somasekharan. This website hosts a collection of some of the photographs I have made over a course of almost 12 years. Photography allows me to unwind over the weekend and needles me to get up and get out there than spend my time on a couch, watching netflix. 
I shoot with a Nikon D750 and my workhorse lenses are a Sigma 35mm art, Tokina 17-35 and a Sigma 150-600. Most of the older photos have been made with a D300s and a 300mm f4 lens. 
I am also a contributor to the Green ogre, and publish photos and articles there. 
In case you would like to use any of my photographs, you can reach me at sandy.nair@gmail.com, or through my instagram account somasekharansandeep, in addition to the feedback page on the top menu of this site.

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