Departing Souls

The stuff spring does to the cherry tree

The angel's crown

Dogwoods are spelt B.L.I.S.S

Come April, every corner of woods in Raleigh would sport tiny trees with their branches covered in white rapturous blooms. This is the dogwood tree, and you can easily see why it is North Carolina's state flower.

An Appalachian brown in the gorgeous winter sunshine 

An unidentified butterfly, and an Appalachian Brown in Raleigh: Summer'16

The marvel called creation

A yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly in all its summertime glory. A group of swallowtails were fluttering about in Durant Nature Preserve that day, and I had a fun time stalking them. 


The Orb Weaver

Orange legs and a yellow butt

In her palace of rainbows

The orb weaver spider builds gorgeous looking webs, and I was fortunate to once watch one at work. The grace with which it went about adding every strand was amazing, and the finished product looked quite the sight!

Yellow on yellow


V for Vivacious

The virtuous can't stay out of sight for long. The right kind of light will spotlight them sooner or later.

Spring is like childbirth. It comes after a lot of suffering, but it is full of joy and promises

Waking up with dew on your eyelashes. 

Daisy season gets me out and about early. Just that this chap got there earlier. 

The dragonflies of Kerala always have been stunning models. This one sat in the drenching sunshine for minutes without moving

Water Lilies are the closest thing to Nirvana

Head over heels in love

The sunshine reveals the snail's enlightened soul

A Peacock Pansy waits for the sun to warm the air up

Chin up... Shoulder down... Eyes Open.

A stunningly colorful dragonfly lights up the Onam festival in Kerala

The common lime butterfly is stunningly beautiful and gets its name from the lime trees it is found mostly on.

The orange swan

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