Dry grass and embers

Sundown at Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Mountains

Rocks of placidity  - Jordan Lake

Pastel Sunrise

We all float down here, and you will float too

A race against time to get to the coast , four hours away from home rewarded us with this pastel sunset. 

The artist above goes about with his job at Kerr lake, in the border of North Carolina and Virginia

Burn beyond the mist- I was shattered to see the mist rising as I prepared to shoot the burn happening in the clouds, but in the end the mood that it created added to this image, I feel.

Somewhere near the outer banks of North Carolina, the morning sun spreads its warmth

Broccoli at sunrise

The end of the world

The top down view afforded by a drone gave me some stunning vistas that I've not experienced before. Maine 

The sky burns with a fury that is insane, near Apex, North Carolina

The Baxter state park, Maine bursts into a stunning rhapsody of fall colors. 

The Mattawamkeag river reflects a pristine October sky. Shot in Maine

It was a cold morning and parts of the lake had a crust of ice. Through a tiny gap in the horizon, the sun blasted its concentrated energy. The clouds were incinerated. The cold was forgotten. 

There's carnage in the skies as the sun sets over Crabtree Lake, Cary NC

Dawn breaks over Emerald Isle, NC

Ripples above and below

The Bodie Island Light house is iconic to Outerbanks and North Carolina. Built in 1872, this lighthouse is still operational and beams a white beacon through its first order Fresnel lenses, every 30 seconds. The light can be seen from 20 Miles away. Since there were so many traditional photographs available, my attempt was to create a few unique perspectives. Shot in early Spring '17

The lit Cigar


Zen meets the horizon at the historic Corolla Park, NC, Winter '16

Is it that the mist percolates into you, or is it you percolating into the mist? 

Sleep, my darlings

Horse Shoe Farm is a well hidden picnic spot in Raleigh , but is a wonderful place to view the sun go down. There is a gorgeous meadow and a trail that goes around it. Spotted these flowers during one of my walks.

Mistopia-A wetland along a greenway, Cary NC. It was mid winter and there was a trace of mist that was clearing up as the sun rose higher in the horizon. 

The cyprus tunnel near Point Reyes seems to be a spot out of a Game of Thrones location. Mysterious and foreboding, and at the same time romantic and inviting. Walk right in...

Fall doesn't manage to get trees rid of all leaves. There are some obdurate ones, despite being dead and desiccated, that manage to cling on well into late winter. A mist cloaks the air in Princeton, New Jersey.  

The sun lights up the wisps of scattered clouds in the horizon over Lake Phelps, North Carolina. The lake's origins are a mystery, considering the large size and an almost circular shape, as well as the shallow depth. Several relics of pre-historic human activities have been found here.  

Mirror, mirror on the lake

The azure skies reflected on the mirror like surface of the Cary Park Lake, North Carolina


I am out for a walk, and decide to carry my camera just for the heck of it. After 45 minutes of walking and no photographing, I head back home, with a tiny drizzle in the air. But as I climb a hillock, I see a gap in the clouds right in the horizon in the west. That is typically something that makes nuclear sunsets. I start sprinting to an adjacent lake, and get there just in time for this. 

Half moon bay is a popular spot near Bay area, California. The evening air is often biting cold, but that doesn't dissuade people who yearn for a break from the hustle of the silicon valley from taking the short drive and enjoy a sun set here. 

Point Reyes is probably the closest to what you would get as the edge of the world if the world were really flat. In fact it is tough to imagine otherwise, standing at this point. 


Another nuclear sunrise at Santa Cruz, California

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