It starts this way. The smaller plants and creepers start turning first, and you know that the fall is upon us. 

Fall renders the waters of a lake into molten gold. 

She'd dream of para...para...paradise.

It was hard to imagine that this was the same tree which had dark green leaves when I had seen it just a weekend back. The leaves shone like golden coins as the sunlight hit them from above.

Even though no leaf is perfect in itself, there's a perfection in the imperfection

The upper pond of Durant Park sports a very colorful appearence thanks to the fall. 

Can't help but pass by these tiny aspiring trees, realizing that fall wilts them first. Despite that, they sprout new leaves in the spring just the same. 

A window to the fall

Fall litter

And when the snow takes over, it all ends, to start all over again in the next fall.

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